Great Coaching Leads to Great Fitness Results

In sports, we always wonder when teams win……was it the players or was it the coach?

Having been an athlete my entire life, I have played on many different teams and had quite a few different coaches. Each coach had a different style, different philosophy and their own unique way of doing things. Some of my teams were very successful and some were not. Some teams had really good players and some did not. What made the difference in why some teams won and some didn’t?

There is no real easy answer here, but there was a common thread to what I consider great coaching that I believe led to my own individual success as well as team success. The coaches who understood and educated on the mental and physical aspects of the sport in such a way that allowed us to be well prepared and be put in a position to be successful were the ones who had the most wins. The common threads were: preparation, education and motivation. When we felt prepared with a game plan, understood what we needed to do and why and were motivated and excited to play, we usually won.

A great personal trainer is really just like a great sports coach. Fitness results are hard to come by on your own and just like a truly great coach, a trainer needs to be able to prepare, educate and motivate their clients so they can get as many “wins” as possible.

Find a trainer that can do these things for you and you will get great fitness results and be part of a winning team!

– Posted by Gold’s Gym Paramus, NJ.


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