Teamwork and The GGX Challenge

Working together towards a common goal is what teamwork is all about. Helping your teammates, encouraging them, picking them up if they fall behind and pushing them to new levels when they need to be pushed….these are the qualities of good teammates.

Whether it’s a sports team or a group of people working on a project together at work, school or in the gym, being a member of a team is a special thing. Learning to depend, trust and support each other are incredibly valuable lessons and usually the winning teams have teammates who understand and embrace these attributes.

During our GGX – Gold’s Group Exercise Class Challenge, teams were formed to work together to take classes, get points and help each other reach higher levels of fitness, while having fun. The challenge is for people to work together as a team to make all this happen and after just a few days, the fun, spirit and excitement of being part of a team are all there.

The challenge is being led by the amazing team of instructors at Gold’s Gym who work together on stage to create incredible workouts and experiences for everyone taking class and pursuing their fitness goals.

Whether you are on a challenge team or flying solo, we are all part of the Gold’s Gym team, where fitness is a lifestyle and the fun and rewards of participating are worth all of the hard work and effort.

– Posted by Gold’s Gym Paramus, NJ.


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